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Development of a hybrid simulator of a fossil fuel stea

< 2010-7-14 · One may also invokes neural network and wavelet toolboxes for the development of the hybrid models of the system within this simulator. Several parts of the basic power plant such as boiler, steam turbine, condenser, feed water system, furnace, steam > Get A Quote >

Single Neuron PID Adaptive Control for BLDCM Base

< Based on the fuzzy control and neural network, an intelligent adaptive control algorithm was presented in the paper. In consideration of the forces and moments from the environmental disturbance, such as winds, waves, currents, etc., Simulation experiments are carried out by using Matlab's Simulink toolbox. > Get A Quote >

Adaptive Fuzzy PID Applied in Steam Pressure Contro

< Boiler steam pressure control system is important because of affecting the turbine speed directly. In engineering, the steam pressure control system is mostly dominated by traditional PID control. But the traditional PID control strategy can't obtain satisfied control effects with the changing of the fuel and give-wind flow. The use of intelligent control strategy has been studied in recent > Get A Quote >

Ant colony optimization algorithm based PID controlle

< 2016-2-20 · 4 K. Jagatheesan et al.: Ant colony optimization algorithm based PID controller In recent years, several controllers have been developed for regulation of the power system operation and parameters (frequency and tie-line power flow) within the specified or scheduled value [3, 7–11, 14, 15, 26]. To achieve better dynamic response in multi-/ single area power systems, controllers have been > Get A Quote >

Design Of PID Controller For Boiler Drum Level Contr

< In thermal power plant the three element boiler drum is used. In the boiler drum, during the conversion of feedwater into steam, the level should be maintained and controlled properly. For controlling purpose the PID controller is used and the tuning of controller parameter controller is done manually. In the proposed method PID controller is > Get A Quote >

Neural Network Inverse Control for the Coordinate

< After the neural network inverse system model of high precision has been established, a neural network inverse controller can be designed to realize inverse control of the original system. 3.2 Load and MSP Inverse Model Structure As shown in Fig. 1, a SC boiler unit can be simplified as a 3input 3-output model. > Get A Quote >


< 2017-1-13 · WORDS:main steam temperature,PID,BP neural network, MATLAB simulation Chi-k-Ma Harnold and Kwang Y. Lee. Free-Model Based Neural > Get A Quote >


< According to the viewpoint of coordinated control for boiler and turbine and taking a practical engineering project as example, DMC-PID cascade main-steam DMC-PID > Get A Quote >

Real Time Monitoring and Controlling of Boiler Dru

< 2015-6-5 · Real Time Monitoring and Controlling of Boiler Drum Parameters in Thermal Power Station Implementation of soft sensor in neural network estimate process data using self organizing neural network. Here basic there will be a carryover of water particles in the dry steam flowing to the turbine and thus the turbine blade damage is expected. > Get A Quote >

Improved Model of an Intermediate Point Enthalp

< Control quality of an once-through boiler's water-fuel ratio (WFR) and main-steam temperature are heavily influenced by the control quality of the once-through boiler's intermediate point enthalpy (IPE), and it is also related to the economic and stable operation of the a once-through boiler. > Get A Quote >

(PDF) Fuzzy Logic Controller for Superheated Stea

< In turn the efficiency of the boiler Neural Network, Fuzzy logic, Genetic Algorithm and Neuro- depends on several operating parameters, and superheated Fuzzy control system has changed the whole scenario of steam temperature is one amongst them, which is very control systems as > Get A Quote >

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